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The Rules

1. This is a not rating community. If a user decides to post pictures of themselves, ex's or whatever, feel free to give your honest opinion, but please be poliet.
2. This is meant to be fun, and a place to get frustrations and unsaid words out, whether they're good, or bad. If you're an ex, family member or friend of an ex, who happens to have a letter to you written in here. DO NOT start drama. However, you're more than welcome (if you are "THE EX") to join and write a letter back.
3. I realize that promoting is not allowed on LJ. However, it would be nice if everyone posted the "promotional banner" in the journals and infos. Also, it wouldn't hurt to tell a friend or two... or twenty.
4. I also realize that this is a good place to "bash someone". Please do not post a letter saying something like, "Dear Johnny, you're penis was small...".
5. You are allowed to promote here only under a lj-cut!, but don't over-do it. If it gets to be too much, your posts will be deleted, and so will you.
6. If you get banned for breaking a rule, please respect that and just leave. If you follow the rules, there's no reason for me to ban you to begin with.
7. This community isn't limited to only letters, feel free to post pictures of ex's, or "your story" about the relationship or breakup. Please do not post altered pictures of ex's with devil ears, or anything else for that matter.
8. This community is opened to everyone. Male, Female, Bisexual, Homosexual, Black, White, etc... As long as you have an ex, you're more than welcome here.
9. Feel free to tell other people how you feel about their letters. Whether you agree or disagree.
10. When it comes to banning, no one else is allowed to ban members except the MOD, notapromqueen.


♥Name: Laura
♥AOL Instant Messanger: imnotapromqueen

Promotion Banners


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Special Thanks

Special Thanks to crazykidben for allowing me to use his poem for the background!
It's absolutely beautiful, and he deserves the credit! ♥